TCF Burn

We are excited to announce our new class offering, TCF Burn! This lunchtime class (12-1pm) is offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday. For TCF Members, there is no additional cost. For non-members, it’s $100/month or a $15 drop-in fee/class.

TCF Burn utilizes CrossFit’s methodology of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements to bring you the most effective metabolic conditioning program available with no heavy lifting required. This program consists of high intensity cardio, bodyweight movements, and light weights to help you reach your fitness goals.



TCF Burn is for everyone! Just like CrossFit, all workouts can be scaled to match your fitness level whether you are a current member looking to increase your aerobic capacity, an individualized athlete wanting a new approach to training, or someone interested in starting a new fitness routine!

There are NO prerequisites to join the TCF Burn class. Contact Peter at to sign up!

If you would like to attend our CrossFit classes, you will need to start with our Foundations Course as a prerequisite.