Thomasville CrossFit

Basic Training Class (BTC)

You will begin your CrossFit journey with a FREE initial consultation where we determine your level of fitness and general physical abilities based on your completion of a series of movements. At this time, you will need to sign our waiver and we will discuss your limitations, injuries, medical history and goals. It is important that you come to this evaluation prepared to physically exert yourself and disclose some information about yourself – this is where we get to know you and where you get to know us and how we do things.

Our BTC Program lasts for 1 week (Monday – Friday) and is designed to make all of our athletes proficient in all of the functional movements that we use in our CrossFit Classes. All athletes must show competency in all of the movements prior to taking our CrossFit Classes because proper technique is vital to achieving fitness results as well as preventing injury. During these classes, you will also become familiar with the intensity, terminology and nutrition associated with CrossFit. Once you have shown that you understand and can execute these movements properly, we will suggest that you begin taking our CrossFit Classes. You can reserve a spot in our BTC Classes by visiting Membership & Schedule and registering for a class. If you have any questions, please Contact Us!


CrossFit Class

This class is designed to increase an athlete’s performance in multiple domains of fitness. You will become stronger, faster, more agile and more fit than you are now. We use tested fitness movements such as power-lifting and Olympic lifting to develop power and speed. Gymnastics movements are utilized to increase your agility and varying distances of sprinting are implemented to further increase our athletes’ speed and endurance.

Thomasville CrossFit Classes are programmed and conducted by our Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, Nick Sellers, and we take pride in our athletes’ technique and performance. You can reserve a spot in our CrossFit Classes by visiting Membership & Schedule and registering for a class.