TCF Zone Nutrition Challenge

 TCF Zone Nutrition Challenge


Welcome to Thomasville CrossFit’s Zone Nutrition Challenge! Over the next 6 weeks, you will learn to manage your nutrition, rest, and training frequency for your specific body size and training needs. We will teach you about nutrient balance and how to implement the simple block system used by the Zone to calculate the proper macro-nutrient intake. Please read the information below and let a TCF Coach know if you have any questions.




  • Teams of 2: Entry = $10/person – Partners need to hold each other accountable.

  • Scoring will be based on diet compliance, training consistency, before and after photos, and WOD performance. Full scoring details are listed below.

  • The challenge will be six weeks long, starting Monday, June 17th and ending Sunday, July 28th.

  • We will hold two Zone seminars on Saturday 6/8 and Saturday 6/15 to go over the Zone Diet as well as the challenge.

  • Weekly prizes will be awarded as well as a Grand Prize for the winning team.

RequirementsAfter Front

  • Sign the commitment statement at the bottom of this document and give it to a TCF Coach along with your $10 buy-in before or by Monday, June 17th.

  • Complete Performance Partner WOD 1 for the challenge on or before Monday, June 17th and complete Performance Partner WOD 2 on or before Sunday, July 28th.

  • Weigh-in and have body fat calculation done on or before Monday, June 17th and again on or before Sunday, July 28th. We will use the 3 site method and calipers to calculate body fat percentage.

  • Before shots must be completed before or by Monday, June 17th and after shots completed before or by Sunday, July 28th. For men, pictures will be taken in shorts and no shirt. For women, pictures will be taken in a sports bra and shorts. All pictures will be kept 100% confidential. Pictures can be taken at TCF. If you must take pictures at home, please take a front view, a back view, as wells as views of both sides against a solid background.


  • 10 points for before and after photos

    pot roast

  • 10 points for general body fat % improvement

  • 10 points for most body fat % improvement

  • 5 points per day for meeting your Zone block requirement for each day; deductions are made from your 8 pointmax per day based on how many blocks you under or over-exceeded your block requirement. Ex: If my Zone allowance is 15 blocks per day and I eat 17 blocks, then 2 points are deducted from my score (or if I eat 13 blocks, 2 points are deducted). The lowest score you can get per day is 0 (zero).

  • 1 point per day that you get at least 7 hours of sleep

  • 2 points per day that you complete a WOD; max 10 points per week

  • 10 points for general WOD improvement

  • 10 bonus points for top WOD improvement

  • 10 bonus points for best behavioral improvement; determined by coaches

  • The team with the highest points will be determined the winner.



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