Abs, Sweat & Boobs.

Working up to my 1 rep max deadlift at 205 lbs.

We have made it past 30 days of the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge with NO cheats! I am really proud of our participating members and myself for hanging in there. Even though we have less than 30 days left of this challenge, it feels like an eternity.

Just a few quick updates on my stats – I have lost a total of 3.6 inches when measuring one arm, one leg, waist, chest, and hips. I wasn’t ecstatic that I have only lost 3.6 inches in 30 days, BUT losing inches is losing inches. I am swimming in my size 8 pants and my size 6’s are fitting, but fitting much looser. Also – wait for it…4 of my ab muscles have decided to make an appearance! When 2 showed up, I was like – “Woah! Could it be? Is this for real?” Then when the other 2 emerged, I was like “Holy sh*t! I have abs!” For the first time in my adult life, people. It’s a big deal for me, so I have been parading around the house in my sports bra a lot lately, ok. 🙂 My spouse (Nick) has had 8-pack abs since he exited the womb, so the competition around here is pretty stiff. I never imagined that I would see those kinds of results in just 30 days. I was thinking that my goal was somewhat unrealistic, to be honest – but I was willing to put it out there anyway. Surprise, surprise. You’ll get your “after” pictures soon. Another cool thing – I PR’d on my 1 rep max deadlift at 205 lbs. this week! Woohoo! 🙂


Phil and his “sweat angel”.

On another note, last week – Lurong Living asked the Challenge participants to submit a photo of themselves and their best “sweat angel”. They were giving away prizes to the first 20 people to submit photos and one of our members, Phil – submitted his “sweat angel” picture and won these beauties – Atlas Power Wraps. Lurong also posted their top 6 pictures – and Phil’s was one of them. This made my heart smile. Not only is it a really great picture, it represents how hard our members push themselves to reach their goals and Phil (and his lovely wife, Maria) are well on their way. Congrats Phil!

In other news this week, Thomasville CrossFit has been preparing to host our first event which will be raising money for Barbells for Boobs – Mammograms in Action on Saturday, October 27th at 8 a.m. (athletes must show up at 7 a.m. to confirm registration, review movements, prepare for heats, etc.). We are pumped that our community is thrilled about supporting such a great cause and we are ready to throw down on GRACE and HELEN MEETS GRACE next weekend! 🙂 If you have not donated yet, please visit our Thomasville CrossFit Team Page and give what you can – every dollar counts! Please help us meet our goal of $1,000 by Saturday, October 27th! For additional information on this event, you can either visit our team page or our previous blog! Please email me at with any questions and/or with your registration info.




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  1. Congrats on the 205 deadlift and getting the 4 pack Abe! I can’t wait to see you for Thanksgiving. You should have the rest of that 6 pack by then. 😉 That pic of Phil is pretty cool too…congrats to him for making it into the top 6. Ya’ll keep up the good work!

  2. Was never a doubt in my mind that you would be successful in this journey! Am so proud of you and want you to keep on keeping on! Your bud Robby Lee! smiley face!

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